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From the developer of Stinger Table Hockey, #1 Paid App in Canada.

Stinger Foosball League takes the handheld foosball game to a whole new, dynamic level.

Pass and strike your way to foosball victory in this dynamic app.

Combining realistic physics and AI, with fantastic 3D graphics, it's all about fun with this app. Adding hours more of gameplay, the game also features multiplayer modes, a full season and tournament mode, as well as four mini-games to build your foos skills and compete against others in online leaderboards.

Customizable gameplay options that can cater to a wide variety of players. From the most casual player looking to kill a few minutes with a simple, quick, fun game. To the most hardcore foosball player who wants a full control, high speed challenge. Four different control schemes and four different difficulty settings gives you the foosball game you want to play.

52 international teams gives the player tons of choice of which flag they wish to play under. Plus the ability to create your own customized teams, right down to the hair on the head and logo they wear on their jersey.

Stinger Foosball is a Universal App that will work on all iOS platforms: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Including HD graphics and full Retina support for 4th generation iPhone and iPod touches.


Stinger Foosball League
  › Fully customizable game to suite your desires.
  › Several different ways to play.
     » Single Player
     » Multiplayer
     » Tournament
     » Four Mini-Games
  › Real 3D physics powered by The Foosics Engine.
     » Lively ball that rolls, flies, bounces, and deflects.
     » Detailed right down to the ball scuffs on the pitch.
  › Realistic AI that mimics the way real players play.
     » Simulates real human reaction times for a more natural game.
     » Tuned and tweaked with an emphasis on fun.
  › Universal App that will work on all iOS devices: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.
  › Foosball anytime, anywhere.

Fully Configurable
  › Change game options to suite how you want to play.
  › Choose from four different control methods...

     » Auto Kick for novice and casual players wanting easy gameplay.
        » Simply drag players side-to-side with one finger.
        » The players will automatically kick the ball on their own.
        » Flick your finger forward if you want to perform a spin kick.

     » One Touch for intermediate players to kick for themselves.
        » Drag side-to-side with one finger to move your players and kick.
        » Flick your finger forward if you want to perform a spin kick.

     » Dual Touch for advanced players wanting full control.
        » Touch your finger to the closest player/rod you want to control.
        » Drag that finger to move your players and kick.
        » You can control two separate player/rods at the same time with separate finger touches.
        » Flick your finger forward if you want to perform a spin kick.

     » Tilt for hands-free gameplay.
        » Tilt your device side-to-side to move your players.
        » The players will automatically kick the ball on their own.
        » Flick your finger forward if you want to perform a spin kick.

  › 4 difficulty levels: easy, medium, hard and EXTREME.
  › Customizable camera to see the game the way you want.
     » In tight to see all the action up close.
     » Bird's eye to see the whole game at once.
     » Innovative tilt detection automatically moves the camera up & down makes you feel like your playing at a real foosball table.
  › Manual or automatic goalie control.

  › Play against rival nations and teams in a fully customizable tournament.
  › Choose between 4 or 8 team tournaments.
  › Select length of pre-tournament regular season.
     » From 0 to 28 games before entering the tournament ladder.
  › Best of 3, 5, 7 or single game elimination.

  › Wifi and Bluetooth modes to play against a friend.
  › Splitscreen to play against a friend. (iPad only)

Four Mini-Games
  › Penalty Goalie to be stop the opposition from scoring.
  › Penalty Shot to be beat the goalie on a free kick.
  › Hardest Shot to work on your shot speed.
  › Striker, score as many goals as you can in 60 seconds.
  › Compete against others' Game Center and OpenFeint high scores...
  › Improve your foosball skills.

International Game
  › 52 international teams from around the world.
  › If you see that your contry is missing, let us know! We'll be very happy to add it in the next game update.

  › Create and customize your own teams.
  › Change the jersey color pattern.
  › Paste your own logos onto your players from your photo library.

  › OpenFeint and Game Center compatible.
  › Leaderboards to compete against friends and people around the world.
  › Achievements to reward your Foosball skills.

And then there's more...
  › Rocking soundtrack.

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